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“Teaching Strategies for Everyday Teachers” has made a podcast on Bloom’s Taxonomy that seems like a helpful introduction to the idea. I would imagine that the podcast will be difficult to translate, but that tends to be the case with any content focusing on Bloom’s Taxonomy — the language is the key element of the idea.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has taken two different forms. One of the key differences is that in one the taxonomy is written out in nouns and in the other it is written out in verbs. Traditionally the taxonomy is then taught with more words that show how students can act out the given level.

Because of the language basis of the idea, this will always be a complicated issue for translation. Is it worth the difficulty so that teachers in many different nations can benefit from the idea? It seems like many nations are talking about higher level thinking skills and 21st Century skills. Bloom’s taxonomy has always been the way I think of higher level thinking skills. I would love to hear of other ways of framing the idea, but until then, I still think that teaching Bloom’s taxonomy is useful.

Below you will find the link to download the podcast from from iTunes.



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