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In the June 30th installment of their “6 minute English Podcast”, the BBC World Service explores poverty and its impact on education. They look into an OECD report and talk with Yvonne Kelly (University of Essex) about research she has done into poverty and education.

The podcast is intended for people who are working on their English skills, so vocabulary terms are defined and the pace at which the speakers speak is easy to follow. These two features should make the translation process easier than some of the other podcasts that I have featured.

The BBC provides additional resources on their websites for each of their podcasts: transcripts, vocabulary helps, and links to other BBC stories on similar topics. The webpage that links to this podcast is http://gourl.gr/jzq.

Below you will find the link to the audio from this podcast or it can be downloaded from iTunes: 6 Minute English — Poverty and Education


BBC World Service, Initials. (Producer). (2011, June 30). Poverty and education [Audio Podcast]. 6 Minute English. Retrieved from http://http-ws.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net/mp3/learningenglish2011/06/110629_poverty_and_education_for_web_110630_6min_english_poverty_audio_au_bb.mp3