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The information presented in the video is from Oxford University Press anticipating to strengthen grammar instruction for educators.  There are six grammar level series in this YouTube global channel.  They present the grammar rule with animation pictures and bubble conversations between the characters in the video.  They provide the grammar point in a familiar context such as eating a meal together as a family.

Although it does not show an actual lesson plan, it provides tools, suggestions, and reminders for instructors when teaching.  There are several of these types of videos that this global channel provides for educators for improving grammar instruction.

One problem with this video is that it assumes that instructors have the tools in the video.  The video employs the use of pictures and animation to portray a given grammar concept; however, many instructors in developing countries will not have these same resources to do so.  If the video actually demonstrated the grammar point thoroughly employing animation and demonstrating how clear instruction could be executed, the video would be far more effective and useful for teacher training and instruction.