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LIBERIA: This video tells a brief history of modern-day Liberia.  Due to the war, a vast number of children were orphaned or adopted as child soldiers.  Education was not important at the time.  The president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, introduced free primary education for the students of Liberia.  The video examines the story of one particular family, the family of Atleta Suomie.  Although she was out of school for several years, she is very motivated to learn and attend school.  She helps her father at the store and afterwards, attends school.  The public school portrayed in the video is crowded and lacking in facilities.  Due to the lack of teachers and an abundance of students, classroom instruction is extremely difficult.  The challenges; however, are being tackled by the government of Liberia.

Although there is one teacher to a hundred students, the teachers make instruction possible.  Even if the class must be moved outside where there might not be seats, the students bear these unfortunate circumstances to learn.  The teachers seem to do a lot of repetition for the students who are in the far back and roaming about.  The students also study with each other and share notes before the test day.  These types of learning and instruction strategies were shown in the video clip.

The organization UNICEF, their partners, and the help of international governments have taken the initiative to build schools and facilities to further education.  This will allow for night school and late night studying for students.  The people working on the project will also take the skills learned into their own community.

The video is a great example of a community that faced much destitution due to the war; however, they exhibit extreme resilience toward these hardships and also exude hope, to rebuild their country and promote education.  It portrayed hope and high expectations for students and the country of Libya in this healing process.