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NIGERIA:In this video clip, it illustrates initiatives taken by UNICEF and the UK government to educate specifically girls.  The clip examines the life of Grace and her aspirations to inspire the women in her community to become leaders.  The initiative recruits local instructors in various communities and educates them with the hopes that these women will return to their communities willing to make a change and impact the lives of children and families.  The goal is to increase female teachers in order to satisfy the teacher deficiencies in local schools.  Many of the women in the local communities are not educated and are often married off quickly without any proper education.  Grace, infuriated with this custom, is one of the recruits in the education initiative, and seeks to become trained as a teacher.  Throughout the program, she is very proactive in helping out other teachers and recruits.  She hopes that all the recruits will bring the new system they have learned and implement it in their village.  She believes that when woman are educated, they will fight to teach her own children, her family, and also the village.  She seeks to enlighten children about their rights and the importance of an education.

This video is an excellent clip of the various resources available for teachers to network and reach out to other communities.  This clip is also extremely inspiring for particularly women to make a difference and make a change in their community through education.  With the hopes that education can change society’s infrastructure, alleviate poverty, and work together as a community, can altogether strengthen the community.  This video calls not only men and children, but also the girls and wives of the community to take a step up and assume a leadership role in their community.

The video failed to show the actual learning initiatives and strategies proposed in the program to these recruits; however, the video itself was extremely inspiring.  Especially in developing countries where isolation is extremely intense, this video can reach out to individuals all over the world to realize the importance of education and leadership.  These new recruits can reach out into their communities and revolutionize traditional mindsets shifting towards the new technological and digital age, where anything is possible.