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NIGERIA: This short two and half minute video clip visually illustrates how one man changed the lives of twenty women who will in turn affect their children, families, and their country.  The featured organization is Teachers Without Borders.  The video takes place in Nigeria in the community of Apatere.   The organization employs “Millenium Development Ambassadors” to advance the Millenium Development goals in communities.  Some of these goals include ending poverty, promoting education, and strengthening gender equality.  In this particular initiative, Taofiq Idowu provides interest-free loans to twenty women in this community. The Multi-links cell-phone company heard of Mr. Idowu’s initiative and decided to partner with him and provided free phones to the women.  The new program allows the women to connect to people outside of their isolated community.  This demonstrates how instructors and teachers can use facilities and initiatives not only in the classroom to further progress and strengthen developing communities.  The education of not only children is important but also education for adults and leaders in a community.  The leadership and family dynamics of a community are fundamentally indispensable for encouraging and fostering educated and cultured students in the classroom.  This video is heartening to see a single individual take initiative in a small community and affect exponential lives.  Such leaders and ambassadors are necessary in the learning community.

However, there are several issues that sincerely hinder this video from transpiring, and that is the lack of prosperous and humanitarian-like individuals.  Mr. Idowu needed to have money or raise money to provide these loans to the women in the community.  While these initiatives are fantastic in the layout of the video, the reality is the lack of resources and monetary funds to provide such assistance in developing countries.

Another way the video could have strengthened its appeal to the audience is actually explicating the processes in how Mr. Idowu found the resources, educated these women to use the free technology given to them, and finally, how Mr. Idowu approached these women and come to accordance with the terms of the initiative.