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SRI LANKA: Due to the tsunami, many lives were taken and destroyed public schools.  A new initiative, Building Back Better Project, allows students to perform special talents, and perform traditional dances.  The initiative rebuilt schools, allowing students to return back to their schools.  The nation is rebuilding; projects from removing landmines and creating playgrounds have promoted peace and encouraged education.

These social changes are foundational for ensuring safety and nurturing an atmosphere of education.  Such changes have allowed children to want to attend school again and rebuild the nation.  These small social projects, while they don’t seem to promote specific learning strategies, the community coming together, in cooperation are ways for children to learn the fundamental basics of a classroom and expectations from the community.  For the children to enter into the schooling life safely and smoothly, these initiatives are excellent ways for developing countries and nation-states affected by natural disasters to get back on their feet again, look towards reconstruction, and find hope for the future.