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This amusing animation teaches English grammar in an entertaining way. This series is specifically for students in Bangladesh. Most of the conversation that takes place in the series is spoken in Bangla, the official language spoken in Bangladesh. The conversation has some English in it and teaches a specific grammar concept. The conversation spoken in Bangla is also translated in English and displayed on the screen for students to become accustomed to the English letters in the video. This video is an excellent way for students to watch videos and learn English grammar at the same time. While it is short and there is not much variety yet in the series, it is a growing collection. It is in the native language of the learners and provides fun and personal ways for the students to identify with. One problem this series has is that most of the video is spoken in Bangla and the English words on the video could merely be overlooked or ignored. Is there a more efficient and effective way to encourage English conversation without becoming too overwhelming?

Ep 1.

Ep. 2.

Ep. 3.