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This website is full of thousands of videos about various subjects for all ages.  The website provides the video of the actual lessons.  Mr. Bayley facilitates the learning by tuning their critical thinking and attempts to have the students discover the concepts for themselves.  The video visually shows how students could potentially respond and how the instructor incorporates real life ideas into the lesson.  Students work together to come up with the answer.

In order for this type of lesson plan to be successful is for high teacher and student engagement as well as small teacher to student ratios.  Mr. Bayley’s enthusiasm throughout the lesson and high engagement in the classroom proves this lesson to be extremely successful.

These types of learning and lesson plans are great ways for teachers to inspire other teachers and learn from one another.  As education and expectations are changing, critical thinking and the need for students to pioneer, invent, and learn for themselves are all important skills in this digital age.