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 On this particular site, students around the world read a short story or poem out loud online.  The words are shown across the screen.  Teachers who use these short video clips to teach in the classroom should receive much positive feedback.  The students in the video clip are personally identifiable for the learners and students should be encouraged to follow and participate in the reading with the child in the video.  This is a great way to practice pronunciation and strengthen reading skills.  Students will increase their vocabulary word bank and accelerate word recognition. These tools online are easily accessible resources for teachers around the world to use as an attention grabber, time-fillers, story-time, and increase motivation for students.

Educators can also encourage students to write their own stories and poems, imagine them, and then tell the short story in class with the use of their own drawings and pictures.  These resources and ways will help students claim ownership to their developing skills and also increase confidence in reading and speaking as well.