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The overall site provides many articles, websites, podcasts, video clips, and a variety of ways to perform different lesson plans.  A specific video clip shown on the website is:

http://screencast.com/t/KGzcrYbqer Word Magnets:  This video is part of a series of videos online, uploaded by Russell Stannard.  His website is a great teacher training website for ELT and ESL students; however, they can be used for students all around the world.  In this particular video, he uses a program, which takes a sentence and lets all the students see and study it for a minute or so.  Then, the program mixes the order of the words and the students have to reorder the words to make the sentence.  The program allows certain words to be highlighted as well.

This activity could be done in classrooms where computers or magnets are not available.  A sentence could be written up on the board for all the students to see and study for a couple minutes.  Afterwards, cut outs of these words could be distributed to students individually, in pairs, or even groups.  The students will work together to re-create the sentence they had previously studied.

The series of videos are excellent tools for educators around the world to use and implement in the classroom.  While many of the videos provide activities to be done and learned online, they can be recreated in creative ways in the classroom.  With the use of technology and these online resources, educators can create imaginable learning spaces for students to interact and communicate with students around the globe.  The videos also provide resources for the instructors to listen and learn and then take them into the classroom.

http://screencast.com/t/dFJbI6u3q Another example of another site he provides is an online activity, but can be recreated in the classroom.  The teacher would provide a bunch of words that are a part of compound words.  The students would have to guess the word that would fit into all the given words as compound words.  Such activities do not necessarily have to be performed online but can be recreated in the classroom using a chalkboard.