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LIBERIA: This video clip demonstrates an actual lesson plan and how the instructor, Sunnie, teaches his students. His math lesson is on finding factors and explicates this concept by providing two methods. He verbally and visually describes how you can accomplish this lesson. He is quite clear but talks a bit fast. Students may not completely understand him at the pace he is teaching. His lesson takes a grand total of six minutes; however, his lesson is not to teach the actual students but to provide a brief glimpse to other educators how this lesson can be taught. He did an excellent job with the resources he had and verbal clarity to convey the concepts of the lesson. Some suggestions are providing tangible visuals so that students can see how practically and in real-life situations this concept can be used. While rote memorization was popular traditionally, the education system has encouraged instructors to incorporate lessons practically in students’ lives so that application could cement their knowledge into their everyday lives.