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LIBERIA:  This video shows how to play simple games for students in the classroom.  This video demonstrates perfect collaboration because it pushes each individual to come up with a participatory activity or learning activity for students to learn or practice a skill.  The first game is called Two’s Game, which puts all the students in a circle.  There are four beats.  The first two beats are claps and the second two claps are multiples of twos.  When a person makes a mistake, they start over.  It is good for students, aged 10-13.  The second game shown is the Body Game, which reinforces the names of body parts in the form of the song “Heads, Knees, and Toes.”  It allows students to point to body parts and name them. The game slowly goes faster and faster.  This game is encouraged for 12-15 years of ages.  The third game employs the tune “Singing in the Rain” and teaches students to follow instruction, point out body parts, and practice recognition skills.  This game is good for ages 3-7.

This video clip practically shows how instructors in different communities collaborate and share lesson plans and learning strategies.  These learning skills can be incorporated in all types of classrooms.  Instructors from different parts around the world can watch this video and gather ideas and tweak lesson plans to appropriately suit the level of the students in their own classroom.