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These short episodes use animation with the conversation in bubbles for students to read.  The snippets provide a situation of the characters and then a problem.  It provides just enough information for the students to understand what is happening and before the video ends there is a critical thinking question.  It allows for the students to pause, discuss the situation, and talk about their personal perspectives in the classroom.  It opens up the classroom for discussion, exercises reading comprehension skills, listening skills, and also critical thinking skills.  The series is over one hundred episodes, so you can imagine there are a lot of situations, questions, and different skills and exercises within these episodes!

These video clips are highly engaging and they will have an opportunity to voice their own opinions in the classroom about the content and their personal reactions.

Some problems that would come up would be the number of students in a classroom.  For communities with a hundred students per classroom, this activity would be unfeasible because of the sheer number of students and voices echoing and bouncing in the classroom.

A solution to that would be that the teacher could partner the students up and have the students’ share with one another their thoughts and opinions.  After a given time, students chosen by the teacher can stand up and loudly voice their opinion and what they discussed in the allotted time to the rest of the class.