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This particular lesson is a channel that allows teachers to gather actual lesson plans from these videos using technology and various resources to convey material.  There are learning outcomes, assessment standards, and the actual lesson plan explicated in each video.  This particular video focuses on physical and chemical changes in the behavior of gases.  The video takes the audience into the lab and uses actual resources to visually show what is happening.  It takes the audience step by step by providing a circumstance and situation and allows students to make hypotheses to why these things happen.  This is important for student collaboration and the fostering of critical thinking among students.  After these things are demonstrated, there is an explanation provided visually for students to see how these concepts come into play.

This video can be shown to teachers for concept cementing and grasping difficult concepts.  It can also be shown to students if resources are not available to replicate in the classroom.  The students will at least be exposed to these things and learn to grasp these concepts.  If possible, instructors can use the lab exercises and teaching techniques and strategies in their own classroom.  The technologies provided and exhibited in the video can help students actually understand and further apply these concepts.

The video also provides summaries and concepts learned quite often solidifying the already established concepts throughout the video.  While videos can be difficult to sometimes watch and understand in one time, students and instructors can replay and watch videos over and over again to grasp the concept.  This video channel has a wide array of math and science lessons provided in this same format.  There are over 300 videos to help students globally.  This is overall an excellent channel for teachers around the globe to use and implement in the classroom.  Something to note is that a lot of these lessons need to have pre-lessons where students will have to know the basic knowledge of the concepts, because many of these lessons build upon certain concepts.