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What does it mean to teach?                                                                             

What does it mean to educate?                                                                         

What does it mean to inspire?  

I hope this video motivates self-reflection and inspiration.

The aim of teacher training isn’t just to produce the average teacher but to produce the above average Educator.  Educators have social obligations to equip students to be unbiased active participants in society.  Educators should be defenders of truth who enable social change and disseminate accurate knowledge (Rizvi & Lingard 2010).   Appropriate civic knowledge from the educator will motivate civic participation from the learner (Haste, 2004).    The classroom can provide the environment for this participation to materialize.  Since education enables us to know, to do, to live together, and to be the reach of teacher training programs internationally rests on the reflection of this kind of education.


Haste, H. (2004). Constructing the Citizen. Political Psychology, 25(3), 413-439.   Rizvi, F., & Lingard, B. (2010). Globalizing education policy. London: Routledge.