This post is meant to be the beginning of a comprehensive resource list for all teachers who are interested in international teacher training.  Feel free to comment if there are additional resources that you have found so I can link to them!


Common Wealth Learning: Learning for Development

COL is an intergovernmental organization created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning/distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. COL is helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training.

STELAS: Advancing Literacy in Developing Countries 

The Support Team for Education and Learning Associations, Inc. (STELAS) is a non-profit organization founded in February, 2008 to promote and support higher learning for children in developing countries.  Our current focus is on West and Central Africa, but we plan to extend our services to other developing countries as our organization grows.

The Future of Children

Provides research and analysis to promote effective policies and programs for children.

International Portal of Teacher Education

MOFET ITEC (International Teacher Educators Community) is a MOFET Institute initiative that is being developed with the aim of contributing to the international community of educators in general and teacher educators in particular. The establishment of MOFET ITEC is based on the principle of sharing knowledge in the field of teacher education and education in general with various communities around the world.

Education International Resources

Education International is the voice for education employees across the globe.

Society For Information Tech & Teacher Ed 

The Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education’s mission is to promote research, scholarship, collaboration, exchange and support.  SITE promotes the development and dissemination of theoretical knowledge, conceptual research, and professional practice knowledge through the SITE conference, books, collaborative projects with other organizations, and the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education.

Education and Information Technology Digital Library

The vision for EdITLib is to facilitate learning, discovery and innovation by connecting scholarly research on Educational Technology/E-Learning with learning opportunities.

International Teacher Training Organization

ITTO is part of a network of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing professional quality, highly practical TEFL/ TESL/ TESOL Certificate Courses where participants develop their teaching skills through a combination of morning input sessions and afternoon teaching practices.

Teacher Training Center for International Educators – Resources

TTC offers a collection of online resources from classroom assessments to leadership tools.

Important Preliminary Articles:

Click here to read the article Meeting the growing Demand for Teacher Education starting on page 9.

Moon, B. (2010) Time for radical change in teacher education Connections February, Vol. 15, No. 1

Schwille, John., Dembélé, Martial.Schubert, Jane. (2007) Global perspectives on teacher learning :improving policy and practice Paris : UNESCO, International Institute for Educational Planning.


Voice of Teachers Journal  

The Voice of Teachers is an online, peer-reviewed journal designed to strengthen the fundamental connection between grassroots teacher professional development, world-class research, and big ideas.  Each issue addresses a theme of pressing importance to teachers.

International Education Journal

IEJ was a  freely accessible (now archived site), full-text, peer-reviewed, international online journal that seeked out clear and significant contributions that furthered debate on educational issues. Education is interpreted in a wide manner and includes human development, learning, school education, formal and informal education, tertiary and vocational education, industry training and lifelong learning. We published articles from teachers, administrators, professors, graduate students, policy-makers, and education specialists from governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Journal of Studies in International Education

The Journal of Studies in International Education (JSI) is the premiere forum for higher education administrators, educators, researchers and policy makers interested in research, reviews, and case studies on all facets of the internationalization of higher education. Each issue brings together the concepts, strategies, and approaches of internationalization, the internationalization of the curriculum, and issues surrounding international students and cross-border delivery of education.

Journal of Research in International Education

The Journal of Research in International Education is a peer-reviewed journal in international education for schools, examiners and higher education institutions throughout the world. The Journal of Research in International Education seeks to advance the understanding and significance of international education. It sets out to undertake a rigorous consideration of the educational implications of the fundamental relationship between human unity and human diversity that ‘education for international understanding’ requires

Teacher and Teacher Education Journal

Teaching and Teacher Education is an international journal concerned primarily with teachers, teaching, or teacher education situated in an international perspective or in an international context.  Teaching and Teacher Education is a multidisciplinary journal, committed to no single approach, discipline, methodology or paradigm. It is concerned with teaching and teacher education in general and devoted to all concerned with teaching.  Teaching and Teacher Education aims to enhance theory, research, and practice in teaching and teacher education through the publication of primary research and review papers including book review essays.

Video Podcast:

Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited.  Riveting talks by remarkable people … watch out this site could change your life!

Multimedia Teacher Education Program:

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future (this is my FAVORITE resource!!)

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future is a multimedia teacher education programme published by UNESCO. It contains 100 hours (divided into 25 modules) of professional development for use in pre-service teacher courses as well as the in-service education of teachers, curriculum developers, education policy makers, and authors of educational materials.

UNESCO, and the international community in general, believes that we need to foster – through education – the values, behaviour, and lifestyles required for a sustainable future. Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future is rooted in a new vision of education that helps students better understand the world in which they live, addressing the complexity and interconnectedness of problems such as poverty, wasteful consumption, environmental degradation, population, health, conflict and human rights that threaten our future.

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future will enable teachers to plan learning experiences that empower their students to develop and evaluate alternative visions of a sustainable future and to work creatively with others to help bring their visions of a better world into effect. It will also enhance the computer literacy of teachers and build their skills in using multimedia-based resources and strategies in their teaching.

News Articles: (Regular searching of some of the most popular newspapers will always yield important articles in teacher education.  For ease the ones I search regularly are linked.)

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