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“If children have interest then education happens.” from Sugata Mitra’s TED talk

After recognizing that there are parts of the world where teachers simply would not go, Mitra began to experiment around the world with child-driven learning. In his TED talk, he showcases some of the learning that he saw in students who were exposed to “Hole in the Wall” technology and SOLEs (Self-Organizing Learning Environments). “Hole in the Wall” technology involves computers built into walls in impoverished areas. Children are allowed to play and learn on these computers with limited adult assistance. SOLEs provide groups of students with a place to go and access broadband internet and the ability to learn together.

TED.com is a source that I turn to time and time again. Their talks range from 10 – 20 minutes on all sorts of topics. From time to time, they have some of the big names in education. Ken Robinson has spoken on Creativity and the structure of Education. Daniel Pink has spoken on his studies of motivation. Arthur Benjamin has discussed math education and avenues for change.

TED has made their talks incredible accessible. The website also provides subtitles while the videos role in 35 languages. Transcripts are available on the website as well. They provide downloads of video and audio versions of their talks through iTunes and from their website. Explore the Ted.com page for Mitra’s video to get a sense of the incredible resource that TED is offering (http://goo.gl/hPvF).