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“Today’s life and work environments require far more than thinking skills and content knowledge.”

Throughout the blog, we have talked about 21st Century Education and 21st Century Skills. The LifeKnowledge in Action Podcast series presented by the FFA (Future Farmers of America) National Organization has highlighted this topic in one of their podcasts. The podcast can be downloaded from iTunes or follow the link below to stream:

21st Century Skills

The first five minutes of this podcast go through the 5 skill areas that are focused on in 21st Century Skills. Below I have listed the five areas, but the podcast breaks these skill areas down even further.

  1. Core Subjects
  2. 21st Century Content — Emerging Content Areas
  3. Learning and Thinking Skills
  4. Information and Communications Technology Literacy
  5. Life Skills

The second portion of the podcast goes through the application of the 21st Century Skills in the classroom. The podcast suggests that teachers encourage students to write Personal Growth Plans.

While the organization that presented this podcast has a agricultural focus, the information presented within the podcast has a much broader application than simply for the agricultural classroom. In just over 8 minutes, this podcast presents the ideas that make the 21st Century Skills, providing explanation without the use of cultural specific examples. I feel that this podcast would be beneficial for many teachers in many different countries and teaching environments because it focuses on the topic at hand without being loaded with specific examples that are hard to translate across countries and cultures.


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