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Welcome to the Teacher Training Globally Blog

Technology is transforming our world into a more connected, interdependent, and, at times, uncertain place. Change is happening quickly and in our globalized world, educational practices must adapt to meet evolving needs and to anticipate imminent demands. Though many more people around the world have access to technology there is still what is referred to as the “digital divide,” the division of those who use technology to enhance their learning and those that because of lack of access do not. Including technology in teaching training is another attempt to help reduce the gap of the digital divide.  Teacher training is the practice that equips teachers with knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and basic skills to effectively transform the 21st century learner.  The goal of teacher training is to provide the proper pedagogy, best practices, and educational ethics as to ensure that students can compete successfully in this new globalized economy.

Open Education Resources such as the Khan Academy and MIT OCW provide affordable, adaptable, and assessable educational materials that can be used for teacher training in emergent countries. Internet accessible media can also be adapted for teachers in other countries — to address felt needs and provide resources for further training in educational theory and pedagogy.

The blog has been broken into topics that need to be addressed in regards to teacher training globally and media that demonstrates what is currently being done and ideas for future uses of these media resources.


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