As the field of education continues to grow and change, the need for teacher training will remain a key element to the success of schools. Teacher training and professional development are needed for teachers in every stage of their careers. Nations, states, regions, school districts, and individual schools have to decide on the best ways to continue the education of their teachers. For some nations and schools this is more of a challenge.

Through the rise of e-learning and m-learning, podcasting can be used to provide uniform training to a school staff or individualized training for a teacher in need of help in a particular area. It can be used as a part of a professional learning community or for the growth of a single educator. Podcasting takes many forms, but it is generally defined as follows:

Podcasting: A method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new MP3 files that can be downloaded to portable music players or to computers. Podcasting uses a syndication model—such as RSS—to deliver an enclosed file automatically. Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated “radio shows,” and gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method.

Posts throughout this blog that have been categorized as “podcast” will discuss the audio and video podcasts that could be translated and used around the world. As not all education topics translate well, issues of translation will be addressed in individual blogs — with consideration of both the language barriers and the conceptual barriers across different cultures. The podcast category posts can be found by using the dropdown menu on the side of the home page or click here.

Podcasts that include video can also be found by browsing the “video” category. The video category posts can also be found by using the dropdown menu on the side of the home page or click here.

Your thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions are encouraged. Use these posts as the springboard for a dialogue between those of us interested and invested in education as it interacts with and is enhanced by these forms of technology.

Citation for definition:

Gaible, Edmond and Mary Burns. 2005. Using Technology to Train Teachers: Appropriate Uses of ICT for Teacher Professional Development in Developing Countries. Washington, DC: infoDev / World Bank. Available at: http://www.infodev.org/en/Publication.13.html


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