While neo-liberalism and globalization have been revamping education infrastructures around the globe; the revolutionary opportunities and abilities to network with educators around the globe have established limitless potential for the expansion of curricula, learning opportunities, the sharing of ideas, and surpassing boundaries that marginalize educators around the globe.  With the use of technology and the Internet, educators can collaborate, share, and communicate with students and instructors on different continents, to strengthen and encourage cross-cultural collaboration, defy ethnic prejudices, and obscure any kinds of limitations and constraints in the classroom.

In this particular section, the tool videos will be shared and demonstrated to portray the use of videos for teaching technologies, varying curricula implementing games, learning strategies, and also to illustrate the progress in developing countries.  First videos portraying the progress of learning and education in different countries will be displayed first.  They are encouragement for teachers and students around the world to see how education is progressing and opening many doors for developing countries.  The second section will show actual teachers teaching in certain video clips to impart a certain skill, lesson plan, or learning strategy.

This section is intended to be an interactive space where educators and students around the world can comment, support, critically analyze, encourage, suggest, and write comments about the videos as well as further teacher instruction.


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